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 World wide operation With multilingual and time zone definitions, end users are able to work in their native language and local time. The pure web interface ensures system is accessible anywhere and anytime.
Group organization structure Multiple organizations and multiple locations can be set up to support group organizational operations across the regions and countries on one platform.
Consolidated Financial Reports Consolidation of entire organization groups¨ financial reports by transferring multiple currency account books into one with a user-defined currency. Enable global partners and stakeholders to view the financial statements and print financial reports in real time.
Collaboration management With business process management functionality, your company has the capacity to manage your global operations systematically by specifying the internal process rules. GeO-iPlatform not only provides users with its full suite of industry solutions but also brings the collaboration concept and practice to organizations to streamline their processes across the region.
Flexible operation flow configuration


Configure or reorganize the operation flow to adapt the changing of business environment.
Investment protection With the full suite of applications, your company is able to add on application modules when your business expands while keeping the initial investment in GeO-iPlatform. Return on Investment is optimized and the total cost of ownership is reduced (TCO).
Real time MS Excel Reports GeO-iPlatform Excel Reports deliver the analysis reports in excel format in an interactive way. By scheduling the Excel reports¨ delivery time, the important reports are pushed to management desktop for decision making. 
Smooth operations with effective cost Keep the operations running smoothly with single data source and auto patch function which is provided by GeO-iPlatform. Total operation cost is reduced to support the large scale information system. 


Integration with 3rd party applications


Optimize the investment and features in operation environment and improve the information usage by deploying the generic data exchange interface to maximize the functionality of each application system in corporation.  





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