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System Requirements | Server

CPU : Pentium 4 (Intel or AMD)
Memory : 2 GB and above
Hard Disk : 80 GB and above
RAID Controller : 1 or 5
Optional : Tape or other external backup device
Oracle : 10g Standard Edition and above
OS: Windows 2003 Server or Linux

System Requirements | Client

CPU : Pentium 4 (Intel or AMD)
Memory : 512 MB and above
OS: Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista




Inter-company transaction


Set up multiple company relationships between parent and subsidiary companies in your organizations. Auto-generate inter-company transactions that reduce manual operation steps to improve the efficiency of operations.


Multiple attributes for product denition Define product attributes with multiple dimensions to reduce the maintenance burden of product data. Two dimensional data input and barcode scanning improve the data input efficiency. The rich product attribute definitions help to analyze the product performance from multiple angles.


Real time inventory status update


Automatically update inventory issues and receipts or pack status to help ensure timely, accurate order fulfilment and faster response to status inquiries.


Customer and supplier management Set up of customer or vendor profile, e.g. specifying credit limit, payment terms and tax structure, helps your organization follow the standard policy. 


Item cross reference


Identify what your customers want by cross-referencing any customer code, internal code or vendor code. The cross-reference also enables data exchange with 3rd party applications to use their own code structure.


Simple assembly job


Handle the simple assembly jobs without introducing the complicated manufacturing system. Helps your company to achieve the operation goals with minimum investment. 


Sales BOM



Create sales BOM for sales persons to have an entire picture of product components to aid decisions on selling price. Enables purchaser to issue PO to vendor with specified Sales BOM components.


Return management



Process returned inventory and account for additional costs. Automatically organize credit notes, replacement goods, return to vendors, and partial or combined return of shipments or receipts.


AR management



Manage customers and accounts receivable.  Track invoices, process receipts and partial payments, and installment payments. Automatically perform customer VAT and sales tax calculations to enable easy reporting of tax information to the relevant authorities.


AP management



Establish account records for each of your vendors that includes payment terms such as currency, tax information, and payment due dates. Get in-depth statistics about vendor balances, total purchases, and payments.


Flexible price structure



Define sales or purchase price book to streamline the price control procedure. The price schedule and multiple price and discount structure based on product and product attributes apply to the order process.


Item costing



Understand item costs throughout the order processing including purchasing, simple job processing and cost of goods sold. Real time cost update or batch job costing update can be chosen for different operational environment.


Batch number management



Trace batch numbers or series numbers to quickly determine where items are purchased, processed or sold. Facilitate your company to achieve the accurate warehouse management objectives.


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