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Finance & Distribution Suite

Manufacturing Suite

Retail Suite

GeO-iPlatform Finance & Distribution Suite delivers the full set of ERP financial accounting functionalities to enterprises to help them manage their entire spectrum of supply chain activities on a global scale.


Integrating fully with the financial system, the operational performance of the system can be reflected in the corporation¨s accounting system in real time. It really enables the organization to collaborate together to achieve the common business goals.

Designed around processes

The design structure of GeO-iPlatform Finance & Distribution Suite allows the GeO consultant to configure the modules and interfaces into various trading industries like Hardware trading, Electronic Devices, Apparel and Footwear, Optical, Kitchenware trading, etc.

Moreover, the flexible and built-in business flow processes of GeO-iPlatform, allows the company to reorganize the internal operation flow to meet the requirements of the market.



Increase Operational Efficiency

The seamless integration between operations and finance systems strengthen the operational control by applying finance policies such as customer credit control or payment overdue control.

Monitor, Track Orders    

Perform the full cycle of order processing from purchase to sales of inventory.

Tracking and monitoring can be done easily at any stage.


Easy configuration capabilities

We understand your changing business needs, that is why the GeO-iPlatform Finance & Distribution Suite is designed to grant you the flexibility to reorganize the work flow in a single platform.

Consolidated Financial Performance

Consolidation of entire organizational groups¨ financial reports by transferring multiple currency books into one with a user-defined currency. Enable global partners and stakeholders to view the financial statements.


Get Real Time Reports

Consolidation of data into meaningful reports for each of the business units, companies, subsidiaries and etc.


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