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System Requirements | Server

CPU : Pentium 4 (Intel or AMD)
Memory : 2 GB and above
Hard Disk : 80 GB and above
RAID Controller : 1 or 5
Optional : Tape or other external backup device
Oracle : 10g Standard Edition and above
OS: Windows 2003 Server or Linux

System Requirements | Client

CPU : Pentium 4 (Intel or AMD)
Memory : 512 MB and above
OS: Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista



Business collaboration Facilitates collaboration between sales organizations and manufacturing organizations under one data source and optimize resources in a cost effective way. Fast response to sales forecasts and realized sales orders help your company to make accurate purchase plans and maintain proper stock levels.


Inter-company transactions


Set up multiple company relationships between parent and subsidiary companies in your organizations. Auto-generation of inter-company transactions reduces the manual operation steps and improves efficiency.


Order processing


Integrating order processing procedures internally and horizontally enable inter-company transactions and
document processing automatically.


Master Production Scheduling
Collect order requirements and sales forecasts into Master Production Schedule to centralize the production
plans for each production unit. Expand material lists from BOM and generate work orders to prepare production. Preview the material shortages in MPS window and decide on the alternative materials on the spot.


Material shortage list


Calculate material shortage list in real time helps production and purchase departments make accurate purchase plan to full the production plan. Any last minute changes of sales orders trigger the re-calculation of material shortage list to keep it up-to-date.


Central purchase


Centralized purchase activities optimize the purchase process and vendor searching. Use multiple planning options to satisfy demand while minimizing the total cost of producing and storing the items.


Item costing



Define material cost calculation types and cost distribution rates by production cost center and process usage to Item costing help manage sales prices and purchase prices more efficiently. Breakdown costs according to categories such as materials, labor and overheads. Highlight the cost intensive factors to reduce costs and improve the profitability of the finished goods.


Batch number control



Trace batch numbers or series numbers to quickly determine where the items are purchased, processed or sold. Facilitate your company to achieve the accurate warehouse management and product in processing. Understand the real time status of customer orders based on batch number management.


Work order management



Create work orders for production department to manage production activities and material issues and returns. Conduct finished goods receiving and quality checks. Work in process reporting record operation hours and complete quantities in process for WIP cost calculation. Register outsource charges and categorize the outsource costs to become a part cost of the product.


Graphic resource loading chart



Display the resource loading in graphical form to easily view the resource usage. Easy to rearrange resource
schedules with current resource loading chart. Drilldown each work order and process to have a deeper view of
the product in process.


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