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Finance & Distribution Suite

Manufacturing Suite

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Fully Loaded: The Manufacturing Suite gives you the tools to successfully managed a streamlined manufacturing process in your organization. From Sales Management, to Inventory Management and Procurement.


Bill of Material Definitions





- Multiple ways of cost distribution via defining cost centers, production routing and processing with various cost ratios of labor, operations and indirect costs

- Work order management to initiate production process

- Outsource work order management

- Production capacity planning

- Material back flush function

- Various cost distribution algorithms that are defined by the user according to the nature of the product

- New product costs estimation to determine sales price


Work Order Chart


       - Perform a production loading chart query to present the current resource usage

       - Get a graphical representation based on each work order

Cost Structure Analysis




- Conduct a production cost structure analysis to highlight more details of cost components of the product

Display cost breakdown into:

- Material Cost

- Labor Cost

- Operation Cost

- Outsource Cost

- Other Cost

- Unit Cost


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