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Small and medium sized companies are increasingly facing globalization challenges in competing with the larger corporations in producing profitable products, finding countries with lower operating costs and managing the operations across the countries.

Global SMEs will need a reliable collaborative platform to overcome the barriers of time, space and language to integrate all the operations of their regional organizations.

GeO-iPlatform is a comprehensive ERP business management suite for Global SME corporations to manage their full cycle of finance and accounting operations across the countries and regions.



  Just like today¨s Office Automation system that manages the documents and administration activities in a company, GeO-iPlatform is the business operations platform that carries out the management policies and governs the daily operations and processes for the corporation.  



GeO-iPlatform not only provides a full set of functionalities to meet the requirements of the majority of business types but also manages the collaboration of the operations.

GeO-iPlatform e-Business suite streamlines the business processes like sales force management, CRM and internal workflow across the regional organizations. The messenger system and Excel Reports¨ auto-email functions further strengthen each party¨s cooperation in global SME organizations.


GeO-iPlatform business solutions are designed for companies that:

- Has global sites and require a single data source to manage.

- Are fast growing with varied business demands during the expansion phase.

- Has multiple roles in the supply chain and a need to integrate their operations into one platform.


GeO-iPlatform Finance & Distribution Suite delivers the full set of functionalities to enterprises to help them manage their entire spectrum of supply chain activities.

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GeO-iPlatform Manufacturing Suite is ideal for corporations with business functions  ranging from production to sales management with a regional coverage.

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GeO-iPlatform Retail Suite is specially designed for companies who are operating the retail shops with the demands for central information management and control.

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