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System Requirements | Server

CPU : Pentium 4 (Intel or AMD)
Memory : 2 GB and above
Hard Disk : 80 GB and above
RAID Controller : 1 or 5
Optional : Tape or other external backup device
Oracle : 10g Standard Edition and above
OS: Windows 2003 Server or Linux

System Requirements | Client

CPU : Pentium 4 (Intel or AMD)
Memory : 512 MB and above
OS: Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista



High availability of shop operations


Select the offline operation mode  to achieve high availability of shop operations at a lower cost of network connection. Easy deployment and installation of POS client software remotely via Internet.


Data synchronization Synchronize POS daily transaction data to central POS system automatically once network connection is established. Central policy set up and broadcasting to POS stations are done without manual intervention.


Real time inventory information


No missing of sales opportunities especially when there is shortage of hot selling products. Querying of other shop inventory or main warehouse inventory to plan for stock replenishment. With the choice of stock balance on line query, you have a clear picture of the inventory status even at shop end.


VIP management Enhance your service to important customers by registering VIP customers¨ information at POS station. Manage different levels of VIP customers and auto upgrade the level of VIP customers by predefined rules of upgrading according to consumption levels of customers. Maintain the consistent service level to VIP customers via data synchronization with central system to make customer information available to other shops.


Promotion management Set up promotion schemes of the products by promotion periods and various product bundles. Direct the promotion schemes towards specified shops as planned by promotion manager at central office.


Points¨ management Attract more customer consumption by transferring the sales amount to points. Define conversion rule of points to ensure company¨s policy is carried out correctly and fairly.


Shop goods receiving



Conduct central purchase instructions but receive goods at local station. Fulfil local inventory management with control at headquarters.


Various payment modes


Specify the payment mode such as cash payment, foreign currency payment, credit card or cheque payment. Link payment mode to GL account and automatically direct payment transactions to general journal.


Print form layout definition



Self-defined print form layouts give users more flexibility to customize the reports for quick deployment of POS station operations.  
POS daily closing


Control daily closing at POS station and completion of the closing process at backend is automatic. Reduce the manual intervention for daily closing to improve efficiency. Daily closing batches are directed to general journal to reduce the accounts closing job.


Integration with GeO-iPlatform Finance &    Distribution system



Integrating with GeO-iPlatform Finance & Distribution system completes the business process cycle with goods purchasing, inventory management and finance management.


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