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GeO-iPlatform components at Client Site:

       Client environment requirement

Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Window 2000, Window 2003, Window Vista RAM: 512MB above.

1.       Jinitiator from Oracle for GeO-iPlatform web plugin

This plug-in is for user to run GeO-iPlatform application in Web environment. User must download it before using system.

Step1 : Download Jinit.exe to your PC.

Step2: Run this file and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step3: Launch GeO-iPlatform application in Internet Explore by typing GeO-iPlatform Test site URL

2.       GeO-iPlatform POS client

POS client is part of GeO-iPlatform Retail Suite. Download and install POS client software before using GeO-iPlatform Retail Suite.

Step1: Download POS Client Ver 2.09

Step2: Download POS Client Ver 2.09 Installation Guide

Step3: Download POS Client User Guide

Note: You need to request a POS User ID by sending email to  with subject title `Request POS user ID¨ after downloading

3.       GeO-iPlatform Excel report client

Before installing GeO-iPlatform Excel Report Client, user must have MS Office Excel 2000 or MS Office Excel 2003 installed on PC.

Step1: Download GeO-iPlatform Excel Report Client Ver 3.86.

Step2: Download GeO-iPlatform Excel Report Client Installation Guide.

Step3: Download GeO-iPlatform Excel Report User Manual.

4.       GeO-iPlatform Online Help User Manual

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