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Release Notes List:

Version No

Release Date

Major enhancement

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-12 28 Feb 2008 Enhance stock ageing analysis function.
GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-13 07 March 2008 Change the accessibility of price book assignment
GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-15 04 April 2008 Enhance the approval management for over due payment.
GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-17 21 April 2008 Improve the security control on detail data field of customer and supplier maintenance
GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-21 10 May 2008 Enhance back to back quote linkage between Sales Quotation and Request for Quotation
GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-26 03 June 2008 Add material shortage forecast based on sales forecast
GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-27 17 June 2008 Apply the access right for Work Order reporting

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-35


7, July 2008

Language translate by Org in GeO and E-Business

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-36


14, July 2008

SCRN add new function to generate Purchase A/C items by line

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-37


 31, July 2008

Price Book control items in one price book have differenct price

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-38


 20, August 2008

IQC: Allow deal with Alt UOM

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-39


 10, September 2008

SCRN: add function <Clear Detail>

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-40_41


29, September 2008

Debit Note can transfer from INV, CRN, DO

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-42


 3, October 2008

Procurement add privilege: Setup ATP Qty Warehouse

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-43


 12, November 2008

Online Help

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-44


   26, November 2008

Stock Master Maintenance can define Cross Reference for customer category

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-45


   12, December 2008

Multi_angle Trade can now apply time zone

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.1-46


   27, December 2008

Analysis Code, added a new code Asset Master

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.2-47


   12, January 2009

Stock Master Maintenancecan calculate weighted average cost regardless of product attribute

GeO-iPlatform Ver 4.9.2-48


   30, January 2009

Stock Replenishment Enquiry: added new enquiry by warehouse or I/O Type





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